The GADORE Center USA is located within the University City Science Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania's comprehensive transportation network includes an extensive highway system, 3 major ports, 6 international airports, and a modern freight railway system. This network makes it easy and convenient to access all important US and international markets.

Philadelphia has 1.5 million inhabitants and is the second largest city on the East Coast as well as the sixth largest city in the entire United States. The GADORE Center is a 20 minute car ride from Philadelphia International Airport and only a 5 minute ride from Philadelphia's 30th Street Train Station. Philadelphia offers excellent train connections to New York, Boston, Montreal, Washington, Chicago, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Atlantic City.

Philadelphia Science Center  At-A-Glance:

The University City Science Center''s Global Soft Landing Program fosters international business in the U.S. by helping global companies establish a foothold in local markets. Philadelphia offers a strategic location between Washington and New York. Global Soft Landing provides international companies with plug'n play offices and the Science Center's full suite of business support programs.

TAX CREDITS:  The GADORE Center is located in a state-designated innovation zone that offers tradable tax credits (KIZ = Keystone Innovation Zone Tax Credits).  To find out more, click here.